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Hello Broomhilda!

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Sims2 Affiliates
Sims2 Affiliates
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PostBBdoll3 on Fri Nov 06, 2015 4:43 pm

Hello Broomhilda (Samantha).  Thanks for inviting me to your new site.  It looks awesome!  I wish you great fun and success.   :bop:   By the way, my name is Carlotta (a.k.a. = BBdoll3).  I thoroughly enjoy creating,  Floors/Walls, and Sim Characters, over playing my game.  I will eventually get back into the swing of things as I've had a long break this past year.  I have come to realize that you 'lose' what you don't 'use', so I'm back in a training mode - to re-aquatint myself with the game - cheats - movements, etc..  :bouncy:    I will always enjoy playing Sims2 over others.  I enjoy the building features in Sim4 better than Sims2 though.   I purchased the Sims3, but was not able to load and play it at all, so guess you could say it was just a waste of $$.  

Anyway, Good Luck!   :bye:
Site Owner
Site Owner
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PostBroomhilda61 on Fri Nov 06, 2015 5:04 pm

Hey Carlotta..glad you made it over..and thank you..I feel as long as there are people playing Sims2, creating for Sims2, recoloring and taking things from other games and making something for Sims2  there will be this site..

Sims2 was my first online game and am very addicted to it lol..I bought Sims3 and hate it just couldn't get into it..Got Sims4 download not disk and I am not impressed..will stick with my Sims2 forever..may even take my games to the grave lol! non of my kids are impressed with the Sims games..

Since I have had this site I haven't been playing much..I tend to look at other sites and then bookmark them..then like an idiot I have to sooner or later put them in here and then find that I have several bookmarked that are the same thing lol..or I have already put it on here..brain farts lol.. as soon as I get all my bookmarks on here then I will go on a download spree then go play until I have to many bookmarks..

Can't wait to have you a spot on the spotlight...I have never done this so please let me know what I have to do to get you there you can also put things on the Affiliate spot..

Still working on that cotton pick'en button for Simmer's Garden..

Look around and if there is something that isn't right please let me  know and if there should be any changes on something please let me know on that as well..still in learning mode :)

Oh BTW my real name is Alta but I was named after someone that I despise and unless I have to sign my name I go by Sam or Samantha..


Thank you poppy for creating my siggi/avatar..It's beautiful..                 I love them

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