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Broomhilda's Story Album

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PostBroomhilda on Mon Feb 20, 2017 12:34 am

**First I want to thank all CC Creators..You are awesome..I use so many different creators that I just can't remember sorry..

Shadowy Hills Secrets

Chapter 1

The Talser Family:
First Homesteaders to Shadowy Hills: Chalia & Ailen Talser

New Beginnings:

Meet the Talser Family
part 1

Hi my name is Chalia Talser and I will be telling you our story..

My husband Ailen and I moved from a far away another galaxy..I am not sure I am ready to tell you the name of the Planet or Galaxy yet..having to move in the dead of night hiding and afraid we moved to a new planet somewhat like our own. Our own planet was going through bitter times..with greedy and corrupt politicians, riots, theft and wasn't safe there anymore.

I wanted a family, I wanted a home..and I knew if we didn't leave now, those things were never going to happen..I was able to talk my husband into leaving as well..I hope this is the right place, the right dreams..

A few months later:

It took us a few months to get a roof over our was hard work doing it all by hand..we found a few things laying around in the woods that we were able to use..

This outside kitchen is my favorite part of the whole project: Ailen made every thing here with his own is good to know I have a husband that is handy with his hands and is proud of what he makes..I love this guy..

Inside is an open area for a bed, a couple of dressers Ailen made..I gathered up some hay and made a couch, seats for the table and a couple of end tables..not much but it works for us..Ailen also made a couple of Easels for painting and a very special gaming table out of tree trunks..Ailen also made our first ever indoor plumbing by finding a few items laying around in the woods..

Our home was simple but comfortable..for now that was all that mattered..

We also found some wild chickens, ducks & geese..Ailen made coops for them and now getting fresh eggs..

We also made a Food Cellar, wasn't sure how the winters were here and we needed to be prepared.

There was also wild horses around us..we needed a way of getting around and to be able to hall things that we found in the by taming them and training them to pull a wagon Ailen had made it would be so much easier.

We were so tired..and tired wasn't the right word..more, I'm not sure the right word we have never had to feel this way before..but it seemed right..for the first time in our lives we were free and can do whatever we wanted..or so I hoped..  we decided to take turns was the only way we knew we were safe for at least that night..

While I was sleeping Ailen made his first meal on his own.

Ailen finally got some sleep..

Our home was finally finished.

How long will it take us to feel completely safe? That was the last thing I remember before I woke up in the morning..


Thank you poppy for creating my siggi/avatar..It's beautiful..I love them

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